Function assumeText

Given an ioPipe whose window is a buffer that is a dynamic array of data of integral type, performs the proper transformations in order to get a buffer of valid char, wchar, or dchar elements, depending on the provided encoding. This function is useful for when you have data from a raw source (such as a file or stream) that you have determined or know is really a stream of UTF data.

auto auto assumeText(UTFType enc = UTFType.UTF8, Chain) (
  Chain c
if (isIopipe!Chain && isDynamicArray!(WindowType!Chain) && isIntegral!(ElementEncodingType!(WindowType!Chain)));

If the data must be byte-swapped, then it must be mutable. Otherwise, immutable or const data is allowed.


enc The assumed encoding of the text pipe.
c The chain to assume the encoding for. This MUST have a dynamic array type for its window, and the elements must be integral.


An appropriate iopipe that has a window of the appropriate character type (char, wchar, or dchar) for the assumed encoding. The window will be set up so its elements are properly byte-ordered for the compiled platform.