Function convertText

Convert iopipe of one text type into an iopipe for another type. Performs conversions at the code-point level. If specified, the resulting iopipe will ensure there is a BOM at the beginning of the iopipe. This is useful if writing to storage.

auto auto convertText(Char, bool ensureBOM = false, Chain) (
  Chain chain
if (isSomeChar!Char);

If no conversion is necessary, and no BOM is required, the original iopipe is returned.


Char The desired character type in the resulting iopipe. Must be one of char, wchar, or dchar.
ensureBOM If true, the resulting iopipe will ALWAYS have a byte order mark at the beginning of the stream. At the moment this is accomplished by copying all the data from the original iopipe to the new one. A better mechanism is being worked on.
chain The source iopipe.


An iopipe which fulfills the given requirements.